Winter Blues Special!

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You've watched the shows: Survivor, Big Brother, Amazing Race; and thought to yourself, "That looks like fun." or "That looks easy; I could do that." Now you can try it yourself. We have created puzzles and challenges reminiscent of the ones seen on your favourite reality shows. This room is excellent for team building as many of the puzzles require more than one person to complete. It is also a great option if some of your group prefers physical puzzles to mental ones, although there are both in this room. Come and try our one of a kind 5' table maze and solve the 2'x3' puzzle (don't worry the pieces aren't standard size), among other things.

We can't promise you that anyone will be wearing bikinis but we guarantee you won't have to eat anything gross.

This puzzles in this room are of varying degrees of difficulty and is the best option for those with younger kids who want to play too. This room is best with a minimum of 6 players. If there are 4 or fewer players we do modify the room slightly to make the goals more achievable. 

Success rate: 25%

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